We use innovation and unique technologies to make our customer’s businesses more profitable.

Tanknology was established in Canada in 1988 as the first company to provide uniform national standards for testing and quality control in the precision leak testing industry.

Over the past thirty years the company has developed into a nationwide service provider offering three distinct product offerings;

Tank and line testing has been the backbone of the business with testing units located all across the country. We use the patented VACUTECT testing system to determine if underground and aboveground fuelling systems have leaks.

In the mid-1990’s Tanknology introduced the Fuel Management Program. This is a suite of services designed to identify and reduce or eliminate all sources of lost fuel at a fuel retailing site. Using Statistical Inventory Reconciliation to analyze site inventory data a dedicated analyst provides leak detection as well as management recommendations to improve efficiency. All compliance testing is completed while our technician is on site to perform meter calibration with our exclusive closed loop meter proving technology. The Fuel Management program is currently active on over three thousand sites across the country and on average will reduce unexplained product loss saving thousands of dollars per site every year. All reports and testing results are managed and displayed on our secure online customer accessible database.

More recently Tanknology has introduced robotic inspection technology that allows retailers to complete API 653 internal tank inspections without taking the tank out of service. This represents a huge potential savings to tank owners who must provide regulators with proof of inspection.

Tanknology is a Division of Englobe Corp a nationwide environmental engineering and services company. Englobe was established in Canada over 50 years ago and is one of Canada’s largest firms specializing in the areas of soil, materials and environmental engineering.

Englobe is distinguished by its wide range of services, its presence across Canada, providing close proximity to clients, and its customized approach that runs the gamut from consulting to turnkey project implementation. Over the years, Englobe has acquired credibility and a reputation for people-centered values.

Our firm in numbers:

  • 1,800 engineers, professionals, technicians and technical support staff
  • 50 offices in Canada
  • 32 analytical test laboratories
  • 23 facilities for contaminated soil treatment and material recycling
  • Two organic waste treatment centers (table waste, leaves and grass, municipal sludge, etc.)
  • Offices and treatment centers in France and England
  • International projects

We offer service in five major areas:

  • Soil and materials engineering
  • Environmental engineering
  • Treatment, management and reclamation
  • Building science
  • Supply chain quality

Careers (https://englobecorp.com/canada/en/careers)

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